Suze Orman’s New Book: Will it Work for You?

I just finished my copy of Suze Orman’s new book called “Women and Money” and I am glad that she is talking about the dysfunction that so many women have with money. The book is just fine and so is the information it it. But I wonder about a woman being able to work a 5 month program with a lot of information in it on her own. Women just do so much better when they are using personal support and relationships and talking to help them make lifestyle changes. It’s the difference between going to Weight Watcher meetings and reading a diet book on your own.
I notice...

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Why Women Want to Ignore Their Money

Well Suze O’s theory is that women are so busy nurturing others that they have little left over to care for themselves. That is true some of the time. But there are also lots of young single women who do have enough time and energy but do not spend it on learning about money managment.

Where does the resistance come from? I think from my own analysis that many women are willing to trade competence for the feeling of “being taken care of” and loved by having their money managed by someone else…and if no one else is there to do it, they would prefer not to be reminded...

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Wake Up and Smell the Money: An Epistle to Women in Their 20’s

This letter is written to all young women who are in their 20’s and have the opportunity to go against the crowd and get on an unusual path. The way things are currently imagined in womens’ money lives is as follows:

the 20’s: student loans, travel, have fun, buy clothes, go out to eat and drink. This fits our culture’s ideas of the young years when one is supposed to be free before settling down.There is a lot of support for this way of being.

You may be hearing, “do it now before you are tied down.”

This is also a great time to get really...

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Compulsive Spending

The most recent research shows that both men and women are now equally likely to become compulsive spenders..about 5% of our US population seems to have difficulty in this area. Men and women tend to overspend on different things with men likely to overspend on electronics, autos, tools,etc and women likely to spend on clothing, gifts, make-up and items for their children. One factor that has increased compulsive spending is that there are no longer the kinds of external limits imposed on debt that once were in place. Easy credit has made it possible to get into deeper debt holes than used to...

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Couples’ Fights About Money

One of the most conflict-laden topics for couples is money. It takes a very mature couple to speak openly and calmly about their money differences. There is still a taboo about money discussions and to break this taboo often takes an emotional outburst….not the best beginning for a discussion. In addition money tends to bring up fear and anxiety so it is easy to believe that your partner is doing something that will threaten your survival if you and your partner have differences about handling money.

Many couples unconsciously divide roles in their partner is designated...

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Responsible Giving

Many people who have money have not really thought out how to be responsibly generous to their family and friends who may have work and/or money dysfunctions. Because women often are the caretakers of the less functional members of their families, this is an issue especially but not exclusively for women. Being responsibly generous means not allowing dysfunctions to continue unaddressed. The feelings surrounding poorly executed giving tend to sound like the following: I resent giving but feel obligated because if I have it, I should give it;I feel as though I am throwing my money down a black...

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Workshops for Women and Money

Day long intensive workshops for women who wish to make a change in relationship to money will be offered on the following dates: Saturday September 16, 2006; Saturday February 3, 2007 and Saturday, September 15,2007. These workshops are designed to focus on each individual’s money journey and to help you become conscious of your beliefs about money, develop your goals in relationship to money and understand your connection to your money. The workshop is especially useful if you need to change your relationship to your money , if you are in conflict with your partner over money issues,...

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The Problems of Wealth

It is tempting to make humorous comments regarding the problems that are associated with wealth (“I’d take their problems any day” and so forth). However there are some very real difficulties that are associated with either inheriting or having wealth. A feeling of “differentness” or separation from the “normal” often goes along with having wealth. Many wealthy people just wish that they could be having an ordinary life and sometimes a new inheritor seems to be actively trying to get rid of the money as a way to attain this and just be like everyone...

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Women and Money : It’s Complicated!

As women most of us were given messages by our families that were appropriate to developing money skills. Most of us were told to save, to spend carefully, to work hard and to watch out for debt. These are in fact useful money habits but by themselves they are not enough to help women become truly skilled in their money lives. We must also look at the real world factors and the role of societal messages that impact women and their money.

What are the 3 biggest money mistakes that women make repeatedly?

They do not plan their money lives. By that I mean they are not taught to look...

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Your Journey to Money Maturity

Your journey to money maturity begins when you are finally able as an adult to step aside from your engagement with money and see both the emotive and the realistic sides to this commodity. For many years you have been affected by the messages received from your family, our culture and your own childhood experiences with money. Your journey to maturity does not really begin until you are able to see and articulate your money-learning backgound. Until then it will be difficult to separate yourself from your history and make choices that reflect your current values, emotions and reality with money.


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