The Problems of Wealth

It is tempting to make humorous comments regarding the problems that are associated with wealth (“I’d take their problems any day” and so forth). However there are some very real difficulties that are associated with either inheriting or having wealth. A feeling of “differentness” or separation from the “normal” often goes along with having wealth. Many wealthy people just wish that they could be having an ordinary life and sometimes a new inheritor seems to be actively trying to get rid of the money as a way to attain this and just be like everyone else. The feeling of responsibility and burden often accompanies a fortune…how to use it responsibly and how to manage it well. It is a lot of work to manage money well and is tempting to just turn it over to others and not deal with it. The person who is wealthy is never really sure if others like him or her because they are wealthy or for themselves. There are also people who do take advantage of the wealthy and so whom to trust becomes a difficult issue. Money carries with it a charge of energy that must be contained and managed and it takes a person of strong character to hold the energy of this commodity that is so potent. Remember all the stories of lottery winners whose lives implode and explode when they are given this commodity to manage and are unable to do so. Wealthy people have many difficuties but do not get much empathy or understanding around these difficulties.