Individual, Couple, Group and Family Counseling

These are traditional clinical services that will be tailored for your needs. At the first meeting we will mutually decide on the frequency and types of services that will best meet your goals and your situation. These services may be covered by your health insurance. If you wish to use your insurance, I can provide you with a receipt that you may use for insurance reimbursement using out of network coverage.

Career Counseling and Coaching

Being unhappy with your  work  is a difficult dilemma. Sometimes you may need a drastic change and a new career but often you are not dealing with smaller changes that could improve your situation without turning your life upside down. It is hard to know the difference and a consultation can help to clear this up.

Financial Psychology Consulting/Financial Coaching

I work with individuals, couples and families on a variety of financial issues. Concerns can include conflicts over money, poor money habits, anxiety about decision-making and lack of assertiveness in money transactions.

I consult to affluent families on raising responsible children, running family meetings and inheritance issues.

Stress Management

Basic stress management includes adapting to life changes, good health habits, learning relaxation skills and working on sleep disorders.

Grief and Loss Therapy

Bereavement generally lasts longer than clients or their support systems expect. Often it is hard to understand the complicated feelings surrounding loss and I will help you with this.

Life Transitions Counseling

Even a desirable change creates stress. Many clients are confused about the feelings they experience with transitions such as leaving home, getting married, having children and retirement. Difficult life changes include divorce, relationship break ups and job loss . It helps to have an objective point of view about these events.

Small Business Consulting and Coaching

Many small business owners have no one to talk with when they face business challenges. Market changes, personnel issues, loss of motivation, revenue declines and family conflicts are some of the stresses that can overwhelm a business owner. Consultations can help with these and other small business challenges

Supervision on Clinical and Business Issues for Mental Health Professionals

Creating a successful practice involves developing both excellent clinical and business skills. Many mental health professionals believe that clinical excellence is the only skill needed to grow and maintain a thriving practice. In today’s world there are numerous other variables that will affect your ability to have the practice you desire.
Clinical skills are an absolute necessity and supervision from an experienced therapist can prevent many problems down the road. Business skills are never taught in our graduate programs but are just as important and intertwine with clinical issues in complex ways. Supervision will help you with personal growth, stress management and the self care needed to maintain a practice in this challenging field.

Workshops / Public Speaking

I am available to give a variety of workshops to corporations, groups, clients of professional services teams, women’s groups and professional associations.

I enjoy public speaking and will be glad to work with you to develop a program for your audience.

Video Services

I use a HIPAA compliant confidential platform, not Skype, for all video services. I offer coaching services in all geographical areas but psychological services can only be in states where I have permission to practice.

To arrange for services please  contact me.

Dr. Mary Gresham

2801 Buford Highway, Suite 260, Atlanta, Ga. 30329