How Women Can Learn About Money

After a review of the research on women and mathematical and technical skills, I have affirmed my theory that women learn best in small same-sex groups that are cooperative and encouraging of verbal connection. Most women enjoy sharing and communicating personal material and enjoy analyzing and understanding emotions and relationships. The emotive-relationship area of skill development is one that girls have been trained for beginning in the early preschool years, based on extensive observation of same sex play groups over years. This is the way that women learn difficult or anxiety-arousing material most easily according to mathematics research. It makes sense to adapt the material on finance to the fit the processes that we already know work well for women, rather than to continue to try educate women on money through math-oriented books and lectures.

You can start your own money group with some trusted friends and learn this way.

1. Be sure each member is free to learn and discuss whatever she wants, whether it is her relationship to her partner or her negative feelings about having a spending plan.

2. Make personal sharing and storytelling an acceptable way to participate.

3. Let each member have a chance to decide on a topic of interest to her and lead a session.

4. The group has to suspend all judgments of each other’s ways of relating to money and be mutually supportive.

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